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The University of Georgia's Beef Team is comprised of faculty members that are directly involved in beef cattle education. The goal of this team is to enrich the availability of beef cattle information for producers and County Extension Agents. View Extension publications on beef and the UGA Beef Team blog feed.

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Beef Cattle Nutrition, Production and Management

Lawton Stewart Associate Professor and Extension Coordinator
Animal & Dairy Science

Beef Cattle Nutrition, Production and Management

Recent Beef Publications from UGA Extension
Dealing with Pasture, Hay, Feed, and Livestock Losses After Significant Weather Events
(C 1165)
As a result of significant weather events, many producers in Georgia may experience losses of pasture growth, hay stocks, feed supplies, and livestock. After such events occur, farmers will be assessing damage to fields, stock, and property for many days, weeks, months. This publication is intended to provide recommendations to farmers that have experienced adverse affects due to significant weather in their forage and livestock production systems.
Beef Management Calendar
(B 1161)
This calendar contains a monthly listing of the common management practices needed for commercial beef herd production in Georgia. Some are recommended at a certain time of the year and others are recommended when calves are a certain age or at a certain point in their reproductive cycle.
How to Improve Your Percent Calf Crop
(C 672)
The number of calves sold is a major source of income from a cow/calf operation. A high percent calf crop increases profit. Reproductive efficiency is the first factor to consider in a breeding program. A beef cow must conceive in the first 40 to 60 days of the breeding season, have a live calf unassisted, breed back to calve every 12 months, and raise a calf that is heavy enough to be profitable. To accomplish this, she must be managed correctly.
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