Equine Science Management

Horse Emphasis Program of the Animal Science Major

Students selecting the Equine Science Management area of emphasis can select from courses encompassing both hands on equine handling techniques to advanced courses focusing on areas of equine nutrition and physiology. Students have the opportunity to prepare for a wide range of career paths including equine management, industry sales and promotions, professional careers in equine health, or research and teaching. Experiential learning opportunities are available in the forms of internships, undergraduate research and teaching positions, equine extension programming assistants, and student worker positions at the equine teaching facility.

Courses include:

  • Basic to intermediate riding and handling classes
  • Advanced courses in equine nutrition, exercise physiology, and anatomy
  • Beginning and advanced courses in equine management
  • Specialized classes in horse selection and current industry topics

CAES 4 year plan for Equine Science Management

Extracurricular activities

Collegiate Horsemen’s Association

The UGA Horsemen's Association is a student run organization that provides members the chance to gain knowledge about horses in a fun manner while promoting access horse industry leaders and professionals. These experts relate their expertise and insight in a wide variety of areas within the horse industry and aid students' process to "network" with the industry. Visit the CAES Student website to learn more about this club.