Steven L. Stice Professor, Sr. Research Scientist and Eminent Scholar Animal & Dairy Science

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Portrait of Steven L. Stice

B.S., University of Illinois
M.S., Iowa State University
Ph.D., University of Massachusetts

Description of Research Interests

Developing animal cloning and genetic engineering technology in cattle and pigs for animal agriculture and biomedicine. My laboratory is also involved in research using embryonic stem cells as a possible treatment for neurodegenerative (Parkinson’s ALS and ALS) and vascular diseases.

Selected Recent Publications

Shin, S. Mitalipova, M., Noggle, S., Tibbitts, D., Venable, A., Rao, R.R. Stice, S.L. 2005. Long term proliferation of human embryonic stem cell-derived neuroepithelial cells using defined adherent culture conditions. Stem Cells. published online August 11, 2005; doi:10.1634/stemcells.2004-0150.

Venable, A.M., Mitalipova, M.M., Lyons, I., Jones, K., Shin, S., Pierce, M. Stice S. 2005 Lectin binding profiles of SSEA-4 enriched, pluripotent human embryonic stem cell surfaces. BMC Developmental Biology 5 (15).

Shin, S., Dalton, S. Stice S.L. Human motor neuron differentiation from human embryonic stem cells. 2005. Stem Cells and Dev. 14(3) 266-9.

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Arat S, Gibbons J, Rzucidlo SJ, Respess DS, Tumlin M, Stice S.L. 2002. In vitro development of bovine nuclear transfer embryos from transgenic clonal lines of adult and fetal fibroblast cells of the same genotype. Biol Reprod 66:1768-74.

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