Ignacy Misztal Professor Animal & Dairy Science

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Portrait of Ignacy Misztal

M.S., Warsaw Technical University
Ph.D., Polish Academy of Sciences  

Web site: http://nce.ads.uga.edu/~ignacy/

Description of Research Interests

Theory and application of large-scale genomic selection across species; computational aspects of animal breeding; selection and GxE; genetics of heat stress in dairy, beef and pigs.

Selected Recent Publications

Misztal, I. 2016. Inexpensive Computation of the Inverse of the Genomic Relationship Matrix in Populations with Small Effective Population Size. Genetics 202:411-409.

Masuda, Y., I. Misztal, S. Tsuruta, A. Legarra, I. Aguilar, D. Lourenco, B. Fragomeni and T. L. Lawlor. 2016. Implementation of genomic recursions in single-step genmic BLUP for US Holsteins with a large number of genotyped animals. J. Dairy Sci. 99:1968-1974.

Lourenco, D. A. L., S. Tsuruta, B. O. Fragomeni, C. Y. Chen, and I. Misztal. 2016. Crossbred evaluations in single-step genomic BLUP using adjusted realized relationship matrices. J. Animal Sci. (Accepted)

Vitezica, Z., L. Varona, J. M. Elsen, I. Misztal, W. Herring, and A. Legarra. 2016. Genomic BLUP including additive and dominant variation in purebreds and F1 crossbreds, with an application in pigs. Genetics (Accepted)


Zhang, X., I. Misztal, M. Heidaritabar, J. W. M. Bastiaansen, R. Borg, R. L. Sapp, T. Wing, R. R. Hawken, D. A. L. Lourenco, Z. G. Vitezica. 2015. Prior genetic architecture impacting genomic regions under selection: an example using genomic selection in two poultry breeds. Livest. Sci. 171:1-11.

Forneris, N. S., A. Legarra, Z. G. Vitezica, S. Tsuruta, I. Aguilar, I. Misztal, and R.J.C. Cantet. 2015. Quality control of genotypes using heritability estimates of gene content at the marker. Genetics. doi: 10.1534/genetics.114.173559.

Lukaszewicz, M., R. Davis, J. K. Bertrand*, I. Misztal, and S. Tsuruta. 2015. Correlations between purebred and crossbred body weight traits in Limousin and Limousin-Angus populations. J. Anim. Sci. 93:1490-1493.

Fragomeni, B. O., D.A.L. Lourenco, S. Tsuruta, YFragomeni, B. O., D.A.L. Lourenco, S. Tsuruta, Y. Masuda, I. Aguilar, A. Legarra, T. J. Lawlor, and I. Misztal. 2015. Use of genomic recursions in single-step genomic BLUP with a large number of genotypes. J. Dairy Sci. 98:4090-4094.

Fragomeni, B. O., D.A.L. Lourenco, S. Tsuruta, Y. Masuda, I. Aguilar, and I. Misztal. 2015. Use of Genomic Recursions and Algorithm for Proven and Young Animals for Single-Step Genomic BLUP Analyses - A Simulation Study. J. Anim. Breed. Genet. 132:340-345.

Legarra, A., O. F. Christensen, Z. G. Vitezica, I. Aguilar, and I. Misztal. 2015. Ancestral relationships using metafounders: finite ancestral populations and across population relationships. Genetics. doi: 10.1534/genetics.115.177014. 190

Lourenco, D. A. L., Tsuruta, B. O. Fragomeni, Y. Masuda, I. Aguilar, A. Legarra, J. K. Bertrand, T. S. Amen, L. Wang, D. W. Moser, and I. Misztal. 2015. Genetic evaluation using single-step genomic BLUP in American Angus. J. Anim. Sci. 93:2653-2662.

Tsuruta, S., D.A.L. Lourenco,I. Misztal, and T. J. Lawlor. 2015. Genotype by environment interactions on culling rates and 305-d milk yield of Holstein cows in three US regions. J. Dairy Sci. 98(8):5796-805.

Lourenco, D. A. L., B. O. Fragomeni, S. Tsuruta, I. Aguilar, B. Zumbach, R. J. Hawken, A. Legarra, and I. Misztal. 2015. Accuracy of estimated breeding values for males and females with genomic information on males, females, or both: a broiler chicken example. Genet. Sel. Evol. 47:56.

Masuda, Y., S. Tsuruta, I. Aguilar, and I. Misztal. 2015. Technical note: Acceleration of sparse operations for average-information REML analyses with supernodal methods and sparse-storage refinements. J. Anim. Sci. 93:4670-4674.