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Recent Beef Publications from UGA Extension
Strategies for Poor Quality Forage Management in Georgia Cow Herds
(TP 108)
Massive variation in the 2018 hay crop may pose a serious risk for cows and cattle ranchers in Georgia. This publication provides crucial information on how to address these issues, including guidelines for feeding and supplement formulation for cows in a variety of production scenarios given large variations in hay quality.
Beef Management Calendar
(B 1161)
This calendar contains a monthly listing of the common management practices needed for commercial beef herd production in Georgia. Some are recommended at a certain time of the year and others are recommended when calves are a certain age or at a certain point in their reproductive cycle.
A Review of Georgia's Animal Feeding Operation Regulations
(B 1257)
This document is intended to be an accurate outline of Georgia’s Animal Waste Regulations at the time of publication, and is not a comprehensive citation. The new regulations require changes in the way AFOs do business. The focus on management of nutrients can improve profitability by better use of nutrients produced on the farms and reduced need for fertilizer purchase. There may also be opportunities for composting and/or selling manures for off-farm uses. Although the new regulations require more record keeping, the records may help improve farm management and productivity. While these regulations may appear complex, they are designed to protect both the farmer and the environment. Compliance with these regulations will provide the farmer with documentation that they are making a conscientious reasonable effort to operate their farm in a safe and environmentally sound manner.
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